Guitar Details

Guitar Under Carriage


All under carriage components are machined in our own factory machine shop to tolerances only suitable for Mullen guitars.

Under carriage is designed clean and is very easy to service or to make pedal setup changes.

Pedal Rod Hookup Assemble


Pedal rod hookup is easily accessible.
  No fishing through rods and other parts making setups easy.

Mullen Steel Guitar Pickups


The Mullen guitar pickups are designed exclusively for Mullen steel guitars.Pickups must match the characteristics of the guitar. This is a must to achieve the ultimate tone and response. Off  the shelf pickups usually do not meet our standards.

Nut Roller Assembly


 The rollers and nut support assembly, are precision machined in our machining department to our exact specifications. Tolerances on rollers are maintained to one half of one thousandth. Rollers are machined from brass and are designed with an extended center hub to eliminate side drag. They are also mounted on a 3/32" diameter shaft to eliminate roller friction.

Changer System


Changers are designed to pull on center as indicated by the white line. This eliminates the changer levers twisting when pedal or knee levers are pushed. The control levers are spaced to allow the pull rods to pass between them  eliminating a place where dust and dirt can build up, which can cause the changer not to operate correctly. The levers do not touch each other. The rollers are anodized to prevent strings from wearing grooves. They are machined with a string slot and a shoulder to catch the string end if the string breaks.

Springs (displayed with spring removed)


Each raise and lower lever operates independently in a slot machined in a steel changer return stop plate to insure perfect alignment and a rock solid return position. Mullen guitars are detailed with components not found on most guitars today. Each return spring incorporates an adjusting screw easily accessible at the end plate. Details such as this is what makes the Mullen steel guitars a guitar you can be proud of and enjoy playing.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Numbered hook and ball joint disconnect
  • Quick slide pedal bar
  • Over 40 years in the business
  • No castings or pot metal
  • Hand crafted lacquer and mica bodies made in-house with computer technology
  • Adjustable chrome legs
  • Floating undercarriage that will adjust to humidity changes
  • Made, designed, and engineered in our own shop in the USA
  • Easy, clutter-free undercarriage, with removable bell cranks, cross rods and other components
  • Custom wound Mullen pickups with adjustable mounting plate
  • 24 1/4" scale
  • All quality hard rock maple body
  • Easy to maintain and change setups
  • No slip hex crossrod system
  • All designs by Del Mullen
  • Most of all PRECISION and TONE!

Each guitar comes with Case, Leg Bag, Tuning Wrenches, Owner's Manual and Factory Warranty