Inside the Factory

Mullen Pedal Steel Guitars are built completely from start to  finish at
the Mullen factory. We do not just assemble guitars using parts and
components supplied from other sources. We build from ground up!

Dixie Taking Care of Business

Shaun Routering Guitar Bodies

Del Checking Out the Guitar

Dustin Machining Parts on The CNC

Mike Beginning Guitar Assembly

John Inspecting Parts

A Batch of Bodies

Fronts and Backs

Josh Polishing

Jeannette Inspecting the Final Product

Dixie Sewing Leg Bags

John's Station

A Run of Endplates

Chromed Endplates Waiting for Bodies

Guitar Assembly Station

Bodies Ready for Final Assembly

John Threading Pedal Rods

Dixie Putting Together Pickups

Mike Hard at Work in the Office

Shaun Gluing Bodies Together

Our Stock of Parts

Such Care in Every Step

Polishing Station

A Run of Pedal Bars

A Big Finished Batch

Dixie Machining Parts

John Feeling Out a Guitar He Built

Shaun Hand Sanding a Lacquer Guitar

Del and Shaun

Bodies and Pedal Bars

Our Race Car Sponsorship

Del Hard at Work