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 Mullen Guitar Co., Inc. Proudly Introduces


Get Yours Today!!!!

We would like to  introduce the new  G2 model Mullen Pedal Steel Guitar.
We have gone to the drawing board and re-designed what we believe to be the best guitar available.  This guitar is the result of 5 years of research, study, testing,  and design.

  This new guitar can be defined as a completely refined Royal Precision, we have taken an already amazing guitar and made it into the best.  Some features include:


Custom Wound Wide Mount Pickups.


New Aluminum Changer Design.


Sealed Ball Bearing Bushings.


Highly Polished Hardened Aluminum Rollers.


Precision Align Changer System


Chrome Plated End Plates.

New Pedal Linkage Design.


Cross rods formed to body offset.


Tunable Splits in the Changer.


Tone to the Bone!

New Pedal Spacing Adding an Extra Inch for the 9th Pedal.


Mullen Guitars are the easiest guitar to work on, change setups, and maintain.  They require very little maintenance and offer many years of great service.

  • Tunable Split tuning in the Changer

  • Brand New Changer Design

  • Wide mount pickups with mounting plate

  • Custom wound single coil Mullen pickups (standard)

  • SUPER Precision changer assembly

  • Tone to the Bone

  • Newly designed undercarriage for ultimate mechanics

  • Changes to the body, necks, endplates, and parts

We are bound and determined to make this the best guitar on the market, and as you can see we have now accomplished that.

We are taking orders for the new G2.  We require a $500.00 deposit on the G2 and the remainder due upon completion.  Don't wait get in line today.

The G2 is here. 

Each G2 D-10 will come standard with 8 pedals and 5 knee levers.
We are now accepting orders for all models.

 G2  D-10 is $5,095.00 8 Pedals and 5 Knees.
G2 SD-10 is $3,995.00.00. 3 Pedals and 5 Knees.
Lacquer Finish add $950.00.
Please email for accurate pricing with your options.

We are now accepting orders for the new guitar. 
 You may email us
if you are interested in placing an order.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and we look forward to supplying you with top quality guitars that you can be proud of.