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This is the creator of the Mullen Pedal Steel Guitar
Del Mullen
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Sound track compliments of
John Hughey


Del's pedal and
knee lever setup.
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Recorded using Lexicon MPX 1 Processor & Replitone Preamp.
Recording software  Cakewalk Home Studio 2002.
Del Mullen

        Del Mullen . . . grew up on a cattle ranch in eastern Colorado. He came from a very musical family spending as much time as possible listening to country music and the Grand Ole Opry. Del began strumming on a guitar at the age of 6. He later started playing lead guitar for dances and special occasions. After moving to Denver in the early 60's, Del took an interest in playing the steel guitar.

He decided to build his own guitar for his personal use. He took his experience in machining, research and development and applied this to the Mullen Pedal Steel Guitar. As his professional career as a pedal steel guitarist began to launch (backing up Reba McIntyre, Leona Williams, Kenny Price, The Hagger Twins, Wanda Jackson and working shows with Ernest Tubb) so did the efforts to build a superior pedal steel guitar. Del is still playing professionally. He appears at the Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention, as well as many other steel guitar shows  and seminars. Del has become an established steel guitarist and knowledgeable for the,                 
                                            "Mullen Pedal Steel Guitar"  
Lorie L Wood



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