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Mullen volume pedal brackets

  • 2 Piece Hard Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Pictured to the right, you will see that this block attaches to your pedal bar with 2 set screws.  Once set it won't move on you.
  • The second piece mounts to your volume pedal. 
  • Easily insert volume pedal side on to the two screws and it automatically adjusts with any floor height.
  • No need to tighten the screws it is a simple slip fit
  • No more damage to the tops of pedal bars from hang over type brackets
  • Pedal will fall into the same position every time you put it on the guitar.
  • Rigid, you can lift your guitar up and the pedal goes along with it.
  • Lower left picture shows how it mounts to pedal and can be rotated if you like your pedal at a slight angle.
  • Should fit any modern pedal and guitar.