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     Phone  (970) 664-2518    
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"Home of The World's Finest Pedal Steel Guitar"

GHS strings,GHS strings Boomers E9th    GHS   E9th strings    $11.95
  Nickel or Stainless Steel


GHS strings,GHS strings Boomers C6th  GHS   C6th strings   $14.95
 Nickel or Stainless Steel

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Grand Ole Opry Steel Guitar Legend Tommy White


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   The Mullen Guitar Company Currently Produces the G2, Royal Precision, and Discovery Models.

The Mullen Crew
Mullen Pedal Steel Guitars
Left- Mike Mantey
Middle Front- Jeannette Harbaugh
Middle Back- Dustin Huckeba
Right- John Wilson


We have dedicated more than 40 years to building Pedal Steel Guitars.
 And we are continually  getting better thanks to all the
Steel Players
 for making it possible for us to help in any way we can. 

     Mullen Guitar Co., Inc.
     11906 County Road MM
     Flagler CO.  80815   
     Phone  (970) 664-2518    
     Fax    (970) 664-2519 
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